Advent and Christmas Schedule


As long as the restrictions remain the same, we will continue with our Mass schedule.

(in the church)
Tuesday at 6pm
Saturday at 12 noon

4th Sunday of Advent, Dec 20,
We will hear confessions after each mass.
Monday Dec 21 – 6pm
Tuesday Dec 22 – 6pm

Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve:*2pm, **4pm, **6pm8pm (Spanish) 10pm
Christmas Day: 7:30am, 9am, **10:45am, **12:30pm
* special allowance from the Archbishop to begin Christmas Vigil masses at 2pm
** historically most crowded

We do not plan on having sign ups at this time. However we will plan on overflow crowds for 4pm, 6pm and possibly Christmas Day at 12:30pm in the Parish. We suggest that you try to avoid the most popular masses, seating is limited to 200 per mass in church. 60 in the Parish Center. Christmas Day is an octave – for 8 days we celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord. Consider opting to come during that week instead of Christmas Eve/Day.