WELCOME BACK! We are so happy to celebrate the Holy Mass with many of you. We ask for your patience and consideration as we slowly reopen for public Masses.

Please note that all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington are dispensed from attending Mass until further notice. All who desire to return to Mass and are comfortable doing so, can find details in the video and in the Policies and Procedures for Reopening of Masses regarding the resumption of Masses in compliance with directives from the Archdiocese and Montgomery County.

Those who are immunocompromised, at-risk, or are uncomfortable being around others are encouraged to stay home and join in the Facebook Live Mass and YouTube

Sign Up is below. We have reformatted so that you first look at a Mass time and then how many seats you would need. The sign up will stay live throughout the weekend. It is possible to sign up for a space larger than your group. Please use discretion however. 

Those who have any questions or encounter difficulties when signing up  may contact Ruth in the Parish office 301-924-3838.

Sunday Mass  New Mass Times

Mass Sign-up for the weekend will open on THURSDAYS at 9:00 am

Saturdays (morning Mass at 9 am)
5pm  – English in Parish Center
6pm – Spanish in Church (for live streaming)

10am (live streamed)

Daily Mass beginning July 6 (sign up not required)
9am (live stream)

We are eliminating the 5pm after July 3rd because we are scheduling First Communion and Confirmations on week nights. We have about 120 children or more for each. With restrictions we need to have multiple celebrations throughout the month of July. Thank you for understanding and for your prayers as these children are eager to receive their Sacraments. 

Information for Confirmation and First Communion will come directly to those families in the near future.