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Dear Mother Seton Parish, 
The Parish Mission was beautiful, not only because of the preaching and presence of the Franciscan Friars, but because of your response. Many people joined us live and online for the three evenings or meditations and prayer. You can access them on our YouTube channel anytime. Here. If you receive this on Wednesday, you can still join us for the final evening, 7pm in church.

This Sunday, the Second Sunday of Lent, gives us two dramatic scenarios of faith. The first is the Binding of Isaac, or the sacrifice of Isaac, son of Abraham. The other is the gospel, the Transfiguration of Jesus. To top it off, St. Paul reminds us “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom 8:31b-34)
Abraham, who finally receives the promise of God that he would have a son, the beginning of the people of God in Israel, the Hebrews, is told by God to sacrifice him. This terrifying story, both in shock and awe, helps us see that when we desire nothing over God himself, he gives us all back. When we cling to something less than him, we lose all. 

The Transfiguration of Jesus, six days after his first announcement of his passion, indicating a new “rest” or sabbath in the revealing of his glory, invites us to faith in him no matter the trials or sacrifices of life.
These are two beautiful messages for us at the beginning of Lent. This also coincides with the growing glimmer of hope of the passing of the pandemic. What has God asked us to let go of so to receive something greater this past year? Have we held on to the promise of God, keeping in mind and heart, the newness Jesus brings and the hope of his glory during this difficult year?

What is promised and what prevails is the victory of Christ in all things. We continue on this journey, careful not to slip back into the complacency and the anaesthetized stupor of usual daily life. Even if we have not discovered something precious and beautiful during this past year, now is the time, now is the day. 

I share with you Pope Francis’ message for Lent. It is beautiful and pastoral. We ask for the deeper conversion to see how this time is given to us so that we might live truly in faith.

Music During the Pandemic
Amy Massey shares with us how and why the music has been affected by the protocols for safety during the pandemic. This has curtailed what we usually do, but it has also given us a chance to discover aspects of the liturgy that we have overlooked. The Liturgy is the way the Church prays. It comes from our faith, lived for 2000 years. There are reasons behind every prayer and antiphon and our responsibility is to follow the authority of the Liturgy. Together we can discover something beautiful even during forced changes.

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Have a beautiful Lent!