“Children are not only the future of the Church; they are also the present. Let us encourage their participation in the life of the Church from an early age.” – Pope Francis

Vision and Mission:

Vision and Mission:

To support and engage families with children younger than school age in the church community, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a supportive network for young families active in our faith.

All families with children younger than school age are welcome.


•      Monthly Meetings: Come join us in the JPII Room for fellowship with other young families. We’ll have space for our children to play and for parents to chat while enjoying refreshments. This time is intended for us to informally connect, meet new people, and to share our experiences, challenges, and success living out our catholic faith with young children.

•      You tell us! As a new ministry, MSP wants to know what our young families need and want. Please share your hearts and minds with us at mspyoungfamilies@mothersetonparish.org. Our virtual door is always open!