Africa Union 55 creates a trusting environment for the Mother Seton African community where members pray and support one another. 

The specific purpose of this organization is to provide a platform for self-development, advocacy and education, skills acquisition, and cultural revival.

Meeting Time:

1:45 pm-2:45 pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

The basement of Mother Seton Catholic Church, located at:
19951 Father Hurley Boulevard,
Germantown, Maryland 20874.

Contact Persons:
Shirley Uyakonwu – 781-228-0440;
Tchata Koubonou – 240-408-2837

● Create a point of contact where African members can reach out for questions related
to their faith or personal matters.

● Hold monthly prayer sessions followed by discussions on a topic that could benefit

● Conduct awareness sessions in person or via zoom to educate members on training
and career opportunities.

● Support members through referral of organizations that can assist with food, shelter,
jobs, accommodation, legal and fiscal matters, etc.

● Assist with funeral arrangements for members in need.

● Organize yearly Africa Day events to promote our culture and network with other
members of the community.

● Invite guest speakers who will share their insights on hot topics such as scholarships,
government programs and benefits, vaccines, voting, etc.

● To promote a spirit of oneness and unity among its members and their families.

Download complete by-laws HERE