Retired Priest Collections

Honor a Lifetime of Service of Our Retired Priests

Our priests enrich our lives in many ways: they baptize our children, comfort us in the confessional, witness our marriage vows and hold our loved ones hands as the Lord calls them home. Let’s join together to help provide care and housing for our retired priests so they can live their retirement in dignity.

Archdiocese of Washington priests have selflessly served the faithful and the community to continue Christ’s mission for decades, and in some cases, more than a half century.

Our priests have been there for each of us and our families in providing spiritual support – year in and year out – for our entire lives.

Please join the tens of thousands of the faithful in being there for them to assist in the dignity of their retirement and to honor their lives of service through support of the annual Retired Priests Collection.

See link below to donate.

Donations for Catholic Charities Helping Migrants from Southern Borders

Would you like to help people being bused to DC and dropped off at Union Station?
Some asylum seekers who enter our country legally, via the Texas and Arizona southern borders, are currently being bused to DC or NY City regardless of their final destination request. Over the last 4 months 7000+ people have been sent to DC. Sister Sharlet Ann Wagner (Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington – has created a list of needs for our newcomers below:

Select “Donate” and direct gift to Newcomer Network

Photos from African Day

Thank you all the members of the Africa Union 55 committee who worked so long and hard on bringing about the glorious day we had last weekend. Their celebration was for all of us. It was an explosion of grace, of the signs of Christ in our midst. It inspires all of us to sing and dance because of the goodness of God. Thank you all who participated in sharing your faith with us. Let’s work together so that we can celebrate more the gifts of our parishioners, wherever they come from, whatever is their tradition, the human glory of Christ.
~Father Lee

Youth Group Surveys!

Parents and Teens- we need your help! Please complete a survey to help us develop programs, events, and groups which address your needs and expectations.  Links to the Surveys are below.  The Parent Survey is in both English and Spanish and the Youth (6th grade through Young Adult) Survey is in English.    Please complete the survey and return them to the Youth Ministry Survey box in the vestibule or to the Parish Center Office by the end of June.  Thank You!