Are you ORGANIZED, DETAIL-ORIENTED, and interested in SERVING the YOUTH of our parish?

We are in search of a volunteer to help coordinate our summer week of Vacation Bible School.

Could that be YOU?

Volunteer Job List

A.V. Tech

Job Description: This behind the scenes leader is crucial to the production of VBS. This technician isn’t afraid of technology, meets cues, can run a variety of audio and visual technologies, and is flexible.

Bible Leader

Job Description: This organized storyteller brings the Bible to life for groups of elementary age kids through interactive and engaging experiences, then helps kids apply the word of God to their own lives.

Bible Leader Asst.

Job Description: The assistant Bible leader aids the Bible leader in preparing and sharing interactive and engaging Bible experiences with elementary age kids.

Elementary Crew Leader

Job Description: The crew leader will lead a small group of elementary age kids. There’s no preparation required. A good crew leader is a friend and helper for the kids and station leaders. They ask questions, take kids seriously and encourage them throughout VBS.

Games Leader

Job Description: The energetic and organized individual is in charge of leading groups of elementary age kids in fun physical activities and discussions. You don’t need to be an Olympian, you just need to be organized energetic, and fun loving.

Games Leader Asst.

Job Description: The assistant game leader aids the games leader in preparing and leading fun and noncompetitive activities. You can expect lots of hard work, fun, and high-fives.

Imagination Station Leader

Job Description: The Imagination Station leader encourages creativity and brings the Bible point to life through interactive and impactful illustrations for groups of elementary age kids. Organization, imagination, and creativity are a must for this fun loving leader.

Imagination Station Leader Asst.

Job Description: The assistant Imagination Station leader aids the Imagination Station leader in preparing materials and helps elementary age kids in imaginatively assembling their own creations.

KidVid Cinema Leader

Job Description: This master of discussion shares Bible-point-reinforcing video resources with groups of elementary age kids before leading them in discussion on how they can apply the point to their own lives.

KidVid Cinema Leader Asst.

Job Description: The assistant KidVid Cinema leader aids the KidVid Cinema leader in preparing and distributing materials and leading meaningful discussions.

Opening and Closing Leader

Job Description: This creative, charismatic, and energetic leader is a master at creating and controlling excitement. They fearlessly tackle singing, dancing, acting, and teaching as they lead an engaging and interactive experience for preschool and elementary age kids.

Opening and Closing Leader Asst.

Job Description: The assistant opening and closing leader aids the opening and closing leader by preparing materials, providing a helping hand onstage, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Preschool Director

Job Description: This organized and patient leader is in charge of the preschool program. Think of them as the go-to person for preschool.

Preschool Director Asst.

Job Description: The assistant director aids the preschool director in all of their tasks.

Snacks Leader

Job Description: This organized individual is in charge of preparing materials and guiding kids through the process of preparing and serving a snack.

Spotlight VBS Leader

Job Description: This multimedia master creates fun and engaging VBS slideshows which recap Bible, points, verses, and stories. Photography and computer skills are a must for this media mogul.

VBS Volunteer Form

  • Adult Sizes
    If no, please contact Mary Beth to start the process. The certification needs to be completed before camp begins.

Questions: contact Mary Beth at
or 301-924-3838 ext 234